What is EMS ?

EMS is electrical muscle stimulation. It’s low-frequency treatment designed to stimulate your feet and ankles, Achilles tendons, calf muscles, and increased blood circulation. It elicits muscle contractions. It’s effective for muscle strengthening too. It’s used for rehabilitation purposes, preventing muscle atrophy and muscle toning. It is suggested to be used once a day. .

 In this box, you get an EMS foot massager mat. It is foldable like this. The main device unit is here. It is digital and lightweight and easy, easy to operate and a great user manual also and a USB cable for charging the internal battery. It’s really easy to set up to use.

Just attach the main device by snapping it into place right here. As so. It clicks into place and now your mat is ready to go. Operating the unit is really simple. Just press the plus sign to start the device. Then you can increase your intensity level by hitting the plus sign again and again. There are nine built-in intensity levels to decrease the intensity.

 Just press the minus button. You can also choose from six different by pressing the M button. We suggest that you start off on intensity one and build up from there. This unit has a built-in 15-minute auto timer. It does feel really good, both stimulating and yet relaxing. My wife is on her feet daily for long periods of time.

 EMS is proven and effective. Get yours today. You’ll absolutely love it. 

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